Alvah Stone Bacon

If you feel like digging in to a great DIY project, making your own bacon is a great place to start. Here’s Alvah Stone chef David Schrier’s method for bacon.


85 g Kosher Salt
22 g Pink Curing Salt
80 g Dark Brown Sugar
30 g Coarsely Ground Peppercorns
95 g Maple Syrup (Grade B)
3.5 kg Pork Belly (Skin On)

Place all cure ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and mix well with your hands.

Place Pork Belly in a large braising pan or something that can contain it snugly (if you have to cut it and separate into multiple smaller containers, that will work too. The object is that the cure will always be in contact with the belly.

Rub the belly down with all of the cure, and add all the peppercorns evenly across the belly.

Wrap the container and chill.

Flip the belly every other day for 8 days to redistribute the cure. There will be a decent amount of liquid in the bottom of the container. This is a good sign

On the 9th day, remove the belly from the cure and pat dry very well.

Place on a wire rack over a sheet pan (cookie sheet) and dry over night.

Smoke until a core temperature of 150 degrees has been reached. (We use applewood from Clarkdale Orchards.)