Acorn-Potato Flatbread

My favorite simple recipe for acorns: Gluten-free acorn potato flatbread!  

  1. Blend a cup of leached acorn flour with a few parboiled potatoes, cooked just till they are tender but not mushy, in a food processor with a dash of olive oil or butter and salt. 
  2. Spread this mix on parchment paper–lined baking sheet about a half inch thick, and bake it at 325° until it appears fully cooked. 

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Carly Leusner

Beginning with her childhood days making dandelion mud pies, wild-crafting remains a vital, integrated part of Carly Leusner’s life. She co-founded and runs Acorn Kitchen, an educational collaborative, specializing in nature connection and wild food cookery. Check out their schedule at or find them at the Northampton Tuesday Farmers Market.